Conveyor belts and elevators

Cintas transportadoras y Elevadores

Conveyor belts and elevatorscan be built in painted steel or stainless steel. The dimensions of the machine are adjusted to the needs of the customer. The “Artesa option” makes the product centred on the machine, avoiding that it can rub against the sides of the tape.

Bands can be of different types and colours according to customer needs you can even build models with holes for water.

In lung-type belts, the machine automatically descends to receive more products without stopping the work. This is achieved by a hydraulic system and photocells.

Operation of conveyors and elevators

Video and instructions for use.

The product enters the machine by the tensioning side, and advances resting on the PVC belt until it reaches the next machine.

Conveyors and elevators are machines that are always present in any facility. They are used to transport the product from one machine to another regardless of the heights or distances that separate them.

The belts are used for any application, and can carry different complements, such as manual or motorized diversions, fall-breakers, legs adjustable in height, etc.

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